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*Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo & IMAP/ SMTP

Don’t be blind to Context

A team working in context always sees the same big picture

Clariti’s Conversation combines related chat, email*,
document, calendar, & more to keep everything in context

Clariti’s Context Intelligence continuously mines your work to add more context to Conversations … automatically!

Transform your non-profit’s communication landscape with Clariti! Our user-friendly platform cultivates teamwork, ensuring your organization thrives in a connected world.

Context is
‘Who said What, When & Why”

Context is the “who said what, when & why” behind information being shared, making it easier for your team to make informed decisions and take relevant actions.

Clariti uses Artificial Intelligence in communication to combine emails, chats, documents, calendar events and feeds on the same topic, in rich context-based Conversations to ensure your communication stays focused and organized.

RAISE your team’s game with Context Intelligence​

Clariti’s unique machine learning algorithm identifies, collects, and makes deep connections with relevant contexts from all your communication, to make your work easier.​

Clariti uses Artificial intelligence in communication so you not only know who said, what and when, but also WHY – without changing the way you work!​

Unleash the power of Context Intelligence in your team!​

Navigate discussions effectively

See the big picture

Increase team productivity

Everthing you do has Context


Context is engaging people on a need-to-know basis without burdening the entire team with noise


Context is chatting & sharing mails, files, events, feeds & more within the topic with just the right people


Context is to share the right files to add relevance to topic discussions


Context is using multiple mail threads out of its natural silo to add more meaning to the topic


Context is planning topic-aware calendar to-dos and events to guide productive workflows with the team

Unlock the Power of Context-based Conversations